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A medical degree from the Czech Republic will give the graduates one of the best and yet affordable paths into the medical profession. Czech Medical degrees are highly respected for their excellence through training. They are recognised by the U.K. General Medical Council (G.M.C.), by the Malaysian Medical Council (M.M.C.), and throughout the European Union. This gives the graduates an opportunity to practice as fully trained doctors in any area of medicine in most parts of Europe including the U.K.

The general medicine programme has a standard duration of 6 years. All the courses are taught in English, though a basic study of the Czech language is required, so that the students can converse with patients during the clinical years. The courses consist of lectures, seminars and practical training.

Recognition in Malaysia

The degrees in General Medicine are recognised by the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC).

MMC Contact Details :
Majlis Perubatan Malaysia (Malaysian Medical Council)
Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia
Block B, Ground Floor
Jalan Cenderasari
50590 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-2262 8480 / 8481 / 8482
Fax: +603-2691 2937 / 2693 8569

MMC Recognition : Listing

  1. Go to the MMC website :
  2. Click on the ’List of recognized medical schools’
  3. You will require an Acrobat Reader Programme to read the file
  4. The is the Second Schedule of the 1971 Medical Act
  5. All three (3) faculties are listed under the ‘Czech Republic’ heading

The degrees are also recognised by the Malaysia Public Service Department (JPA). You can check the information as follows :

  1. Go to
  2. In the ’Field of Study’ (Bidang) box, choose ’Medicine’ (Perubatan)
  3. In the ’Country’ (Negara) box, choose ‘Republic of Czech’
  4. Click ’Cari/Search’
  5. The names of all three faculties will be displayed

International Recognition

  • MUDr from these Czech medical faculties are recognized in the EU, UK, US and most countries in the world.
  • The General Medicine Council (GMC) in the United Kingdom (UK) accepts this degree as a primary medical qualification for medical graduates to apply for registration. Click here for more info
  • The three Czech medical faculties featured on this website are listed in the Avicenna Directory (formerly the WHO Directory of Medical Schools) and in the Directory of Post-Secondary Institutions published by the United States (US) Department of Education.